"Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority ... the Constitution was made to guard against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters." - Noah Webster

"There is no worse tyranny than forcing a man to pay for what he does not want just because you think it would be good for him."
-- Robert A. Heinlein

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


There was a time in this world when it was the U.S. that would have come up with this idea.

Imagine how much hassle could be saved and how many TSA gropers could be replaced with dogs trained to sniff out dangerous chemicals or explosives at airports.

But you see, it's not about protecting the public.

It's about training us to live in a police state without rebelling.

Why We Are Dying

I brought up the some of the problems that this country is facing.  It was in the presence of some younger women, most notably the 18 year olds.  The problems with unemployment, medical insurance, ebola, etc.  And I was unsurprisingly appalled at the ignorance.  They are way too busy being amused to death by mind numbing things.

Then I ran across this on you tube:

If I were just slightly more stupid than these two asshats, I might be insulted.

But what makes me mad is that they are so obvious in how this was all scripted.  This was not an interview.  Or some type of variety show of the Johnny Carson era or even of Jay Leno.  They obviously talked about this ahead of time to play off each other, or it was completely scripted and rehearsed.
This was pure, unadulterated crap that was written to appeal to the lowest of intelligence TV watchers.

People who would laugh at stuff like that wouldn't  understand real humor if they watched the Three Stooges.

When Jeff Foxworthy talks about rednecks or hillbillies, he knows what he's talking about.  But when a hermaphroditic freak from England talks about people with a funny accent, talking about real conspiracies thinks I should laugh, . . .

well that's just too stupid to laugh at.  It's like watching a juggler who can't keep one ball in the air. There's nothing entertaining and you just feel sorry for the guy for being too stupid to know that he wouldn't make it in front of Paula Abdul on Methadone, let alone Simon Cowell.

But who are the audience members who seem to be laughing at this?  Homeless people who accepted seats and tickets to an all you can eat buffet, as long as they laugh on cue?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hypocrisy Anyone?

CAUGHT RED HANDEDSeattle’s Reds Have Minimum Wage Blues
Seattle’s Freedom Socialist Party, which describes itself as “a revolutionary, socialist feminist organization, dedicated to the replacement of capitalist rule by a genuine workers’ democracy” posted a want ad yesterday for a new employee at $13 per hour. The problem? They’ve recently supported $15 minimum wage efforts in Seattle and elsewhere, and their 2012 political platform called for a $20 per hour minimum wage. As the Washington Free Beacon reports:
The advertised job’s Indeed.com description says that the wage is negotiable depending on experience, but the group has said that living wage must start at at least $15–not $13 or $14 an hour.
“Seattle livable? Not hardly! The Seattle fight has moved from the streets to City Hall. In May, new Mayor Ed Murray, Democrat, announced his proposal for $15/hour — for some workers, after several years. Healthcare, tips, and other ‘compensation’ would be calculated into their ‘income.’ In short, Mayor Murray’s plan caters to big business,” the group wrote in June.

 From American Interest:  http://www.the-american-interest.com/blog/2014/10/19/seattles-reds-have-minimum-wage-blues/


Sunday, October 19, 2014


Conservatism starts from a sentiment that all mature people can readily share: the sentiment that good things are easily destroyed, but not easily created. This is especially true of the good things that come to us as collective assets: peace, freedom, law, civility, public spirit, the security of property and family life, in all of which we depend on the cooperation of others while having no means singlehandedly to obtain it. In respect of such things, the work of destruction is quick, easy and exhilarating; the work of creation is slow, laborious and dull. That is one of the lessons of the twentieth century. It is also one reason why conservatives suffer such a disadvantage when it comes to public opinion. Their position is true but boring, that of their opponents exciting but false.

Roger Scruton

Friday, October 17, 2014

Naked Pictures of Yourself?

Now, before you read any of the text that I am going to post from this article, don't get the wrong idea.

I don't agree with anyone posting pornographic pictures of themselves on any kind of public forum.  What you do in the privacy of your own home or what is intended to be private communication with another party is your business.

Of course, you have to take into account the integrity or honesty of who you are dealing with.

We live in an age now where,    once you push the SEND button, you can be completely and royally screwed.  Some people at this point need to find the meaning of "Caveat Emptor."

Understand the risks and act accordingly.

Most of the girls on Instagram fell into the same category as Jasmine. They had sent a picture to their boyfriend, or to someone they wanted to be their boyfriend, and then he had sent it on to others. For the most part, they were embarrassed but not devastated, Lowe said. They felt betrayed, but few seemed all that surprised that their photos had been passed around. What seemed to mortify them most was having to talk about what they’d done with a “police officer outside their age group.” In some he sensed low self-esteem—for example, the girl who’d sent her naked picture to a boy, unsolicited: “It just showed up! I guess she was hot after him?” A handful of senior girls became indignant during the course of the interview. “This is my life and my body and I can do whatever I want with it,” or, “I don’t see any problem with it. I’m proud of my body,” Lowe remembers them saying. A few, as far as he could tell, had taken pictures especially for the Instagram accounts and had actively tried to get them posted. In the first couple of weeks of the investigation, Lowe’s characterization of the girls on Instagram morphed from “victims” to “I guess I’ll call them victims” to “they just fell into this category where they victimized themselves.”

What gives anybody the right to know who I talk to or what I say?

Given that I'm not a minor, but here's the rub.

If you are a parent of a minor, what the hell are you doing giving them a cell phone?

You Are Not A Liberal

This video by Bill Whittle needs to go viral.

Watch, Listen, pay attention!

And share this with as many people as you can.

Somebody has to say it.  I do not know what kind of world other people want to live in, or how much slavery they want to tolerate, but give me my freedom, real freedom, or just go ahead and kill me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shut the FUGH UP!

"There are no stupid questions."

By the time I was 13, and I'm just guessing because it was so long ago, I understood that there really are stupid questions.


"Why do wet sidewalks cause rain?"
"Why am I hungry when I ate three days ago?"
"Who do I talk to about making the day longer?"

Of course I understand the spirit behind the statement, but the truth is that there can be stupid questions.

Instead of elaborating on that one point, I'm going to assume that people who read my blog understand what I'm getting at.

Here is what got me so riled up.

I used to not have a really well planned answer to the stupid way that some people would respond to how we are quickly becoming a police state.

Then someone comes along and does a brilliant job of explaining it.

Here it is:

Nearly every week, I hear someone shrug off privacy issues with a claim that they're not worried because they have "nothing to hide" from the government.
Let's put a cork in it, once and for all.
Journalist Glenn Greenwald, love him or hate him, offered attendees at his October TED talk a bulletproof argument (as far as I can tell) against the "nothing to hide" argument.
He said:
"Over the last 16 months, as I've debated this issue around the world, every single time somebody has said to me, 'I don't really worry about invasions of privacy because I don't have anything to hide,' I always say the same thing to them.
I get out a pen. I write down my email address. I say, 'Here's my email address. What I want you to do when you get home is email me the passwords to all of your email accounts, not just the nice, respectable work one in your name, but all of them, because I want to be able to just troll through what it is you're doing online, read what I want to read and publish whatever I find interesting. After all, if you're not a bad person, if you're doing nothing wrong, you should have nothing to hide.'
Not a single person has taken me up on that offer. I check that email account religiously all the time. It's a very desolate place."
Throwing out that poor attempt of an excuse that you have "nothing to hide" just doesn't work. It never has, and it never will. It's lazy, naive, and borderline idiotic. Everyone has something to hide. 
Even if it's just your password. 
Do you remember that time you had that sexy webcam session with your then-partner? So does the NSA. How about that drunken email you sent to your work colleague, which you apologized for and was swept under the rug, and was forgotten about the next day? The NSA remembers. What about that phone call you made last year, which you don't remember the full details of, but you told that person something about work you really shouldn't have? It's fine because the NSA does.
Everyone has something they are embarrassed, ashamed, or frightened of. Everyone has secrets.
Now, I want you to think of this.

Let's pretend that that the government is now controlled by people who hate you and everything you stand for.  Everything you believe in.

Let's take some extremes.  And you better sit up and pay attention because history is littered with examples of governments coming into power who killed people by the millions who didn't want to go along with their policies.

Please google Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Stalin.

Now, you think it can't happen in the good old USA?  Shut the FUGH up!

If you are a homosexual, do you want the Fred Phelps types to have control of the government? Of course not.

But now I'm going to say something that you better just back up and think about.

What if I want to open up a restaurant, and I hang a sign, hell, multiple signs, and my signs say that I reserve the right to refuse service to you for any reason.

You walk into my business and you have nasty tattoos and you stink. You are loud and you use very foul and vulgar language. Maybe you are spouting bigoted propaganda against black people, or maybe you are making lewd gestures toward women who are present in my business. You are offensive to most of my client base and if I let you stay there, a lot of my customers will get up and leave and I will suffer a loss of business.  I should be able to say, "Sorry, but you are going to have to leave and no, I'm not serving you."

I should have the right to do business as I see fit, and I should have the right to do business with who I want to.  Most McDonald's restaurants still have signs on the door that say, "No shoes, No shirt, No service."  Most people are very glad for that standard. Why should McDonald's be allowed to discriminate against me if I'm homeless and don't have a shirt or shoes?

Now it is time to expand your mind.

What if I don't want to serve you or do business with you because you are a big, and very vocal supporter of the minimum wage law, or you are trying to make the minimum wage $14.00 an hour?
What if I, who thinks that abortion is murder, don't want to serve you because you are very proud to give money to the local abortion clinic? What if I say I will not cater your party because I know that you are a veal producer and I don't think that's a proper way to treat animals?

In a truly free society, somebody is going to be offended. But the really cool thing about being in a really free society is that I don't have to pay somebody to offend me. I just want to be left alone to live my life and conduct business with who I want to conduct business with.  If I make bad choices about who to do business with, the market will quickly teach me the error of my ways.  A white racist who hates homosexuals can open up a dry cleaning business in downtown Atlanta, but as soon as word gets around what he believes, not only may he be headed to bankruptcy court, but he might even find his business being vandalized on a regular basis.

The same guy might open up the very same business in a rural town in Michigan or Alabama and do just fine.

In a free society, I should have the right to patronize that guy's business, or never do business with that guy.

It's a two way street.  Nobody should be able to tell me who I can or cannot do business with.  Period. Let me be a little more specific.  Just as I should be completely free of any government interference in who I want to hang out with, or where I go to church or a synagogue or a mosque, I should be free to NOT go to those places.  If I want to boycott Walmart or Citgo or McDonald's for any reason or no reason at all, I should be left alone to do that.  If I want to only hang out with people who like classical music, that's my business.  Oh, but let's talk about real freedom.

If I go to the trouble of saving up my money or getting enough like minded investors to open up a restaurant, and I, or we, as the case may be decide that we will cater to smokers.  This would never happen with me personally, because I don't smoke and don't want to be around it, but we are talking about freedom here.  I should have the freedom to open my business, and I can post signs (or not) that explain that this is a smoking friendly business.  Then you, as a possible consumer can decide if you want to patronize this business.  Nobody puts a gun to your head and makes you come in and be subject to noxious second hand smoke.

Now if I set up this business in a place where 90% of the population doesn't smoke, I'm pretty likely to fail, unless, of course, I have a very wealthy clientele that just loves paying me to be able to eat and smoke to their heart's desire.  An actual free market will decide whether the business thrives or fails.  That's how it should be.

In a truly free society, I can stick a sign up that says, "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time."

Let's say you are a divorced, middle aged, white, English speaking man.  According to the demographic data, you damned sure can't claim that I'm a racist, or that I'm discriminating against you because of some protected class status (Oh crap, that's another area that I could write a whole post on), but you tell me that you are a proud, progressive Democrat.  I should be able to just tell you flat out, to get the hell out of my establishment (because it is MY establishment, I am paying the bills, I own it, it's MINE to do with what I want.) So, because you choose to identify yourself as a proud progressive democrat, I can say, "Get out, and stay out.  We don't want your kind here."

If you are not a fan of the movie "Serenity," based on the show "Firefly," let me share what I think is the best scene of the movie.

Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the whole crew of Serenity have landed on a remote planet where the "government" has conducted an experiment of giving the population a drug that has two very bad results.  The government was trying to produce Utopia.  The drug produces one of two reactions based on the person's DNA.  In person "A", the drug produces total lethargy.  The subject just lays down and waits to die.  There is nothing to live for.  No purpose in life. In person "B" the subject becomes a cannabalistic animal that eats or destroys everything in it's path. DNA is something so complex that not even the most gifted doctors or physicists can possibly understand. God is kinda protective of His patent rights.  Sorry if that seems like too little information.  Watch the movie.  After the crew discovers this completely failed concept of the government and realizes the extreme evil of this whole idea,

Captain Mel makes the statement.

this is my statement.

No more runnin',  I intend to misbehave.

In other words, FUGH you, I will not go quietly into the night

If you want to live as a slave to government.  Go ahead.  But I'm tired of this crap. I will not just sit by and let this crap happen.

I've got more to say on this.  It's going to be a multipart long post.  If people get a lot out of this, I think that's wonderful, but I'm really doing this as a mental exercise to polish and refine my thoughts and how to argue the point.