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Thursday, April 21, 2011

"It Needs To Stop"

In the following story there is a really big lie being told.  Can any of you spot the big lie?

 class of kindergarten students were just sitting down in a cafeteria at Betsy Ross Elementary School when a loaded pistol tumbled out of the pocket of a six-year-old boy and discharged, injuring him and two other children, school officials said.
The children’s injuries were not life threatening and they were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, while a team of school counsellors tried to calm the traumatised pupils and frantic parents rushed to the school in central Houston to pick up their children.
Police said it remained unclear how the boy obtained the weapon, or who owns it. Only one shot was fired.
School officials said the boy who took the gun to school suffered an injury to his leg that may have been caused by a bullet. The other two children, a boy and a girl, both five, appeared to have been hit by flying debris or shrapnel. None was identified.
The shooting happened at about 10.35am on Monday as the kinder pupils were taking their seats in the cafeteria and some older children were filing in, chief elementary schools officer for the Houston Independent School District, Sam Sarabia said.
He said the gun fell from the boy’s pocket as he sat down to eat. 
Jarneshia Broussard, 5, said she was sitting at the same table as the boy who brought the gun.
‘’I knew it was a gun because a gun goes ‘pow’,’’ Jarneshia told a local newspaper. ‘’I got really scared.’’
The girl’s grandmother, Moneek Burleson, said: ‘’This is a serious problem and it needs to stop.’’ 
Unless you actually know something about firearms, you might accept what this story says.  Anyone who knows anything about firearms knows that this story is erroneous.  In order for the handgun in this story to have discharged by falling to the floor, it would have had to have been deliberately modified by an expert gunsmith to do so.  Pistols of either revolver or semi-automatic type manufactured since about 1900 have one, two or as many as three passive safety devices which make it impossible to cause a round in the chamber to be discharged unless the trigger is deliberately pulled.

The story doesn't tell us the make or model of the pistol, but it doesn't matter.  I dare you to go to any gun store that has a staff of knowledgeable people and ask them to demonstrate how any make or model of pistol can discharge by being dropped, banged with a hammer, slammed against a wall, or whatever.  Go ahead.

Even among "cheap" handguns that get made fun of on gun forums, such guns are still manufactured with the knowledge that if a gun was made that could be made to discharge accidentally as described in the story, the manufacturer would be sued out of existence faster than it took for me to write this post.  The story is just sensational crap.

If you think you know how the gun could have discharged without the kid pulling the trigger, tell me in the comments or email me directly:  moses5768@yahoo.com

The primary safety in handling all firearms works every time it is tried:

Keep your booger hook off the bang switch.

What needs to stop is irresponsible parents.  What needs to stop is parents not knowing what their kids are doing and what they can get their hands on.

What needs to stop is demonizing inanimate objects instead of bad behavior.

What needs to stop is irresponsible reporting by idiots who don't know and don't care to know the facts.

What needs to stop is otherwise intelligent people giving any credence to the numbskulls who report such fraud as news.

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