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-- Robert A. Heinlein

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Installing A Door

Moxie has been with us for a week now.  Boy, these seven days have just flown by. Mostly because we have been making preparations for Sukkot.  Re-arranging things, cleaning, decorating.  In a couple more days, Twyla will have put the finishing touches on our front porch, which becomes our "Booth" or "Sukkah" for the seven day festival.We will eat as many meals out there as possible, and maybe even sleep out there one or two nights.

Front Porch and Sukkah
God commanded this festival for His people as a memorial of the time that He dwelt with them and they dwelt in tents in the desert after being led out of Egypt. Some believe, as I do, that this will be the time of year that Yeshua was born and it is the same time of year that He will return to begin the Messianic age on earth.  I know a lot of Christians who have come to the realization that Yeshua could not have been born at the winter solstice.  There is much more to all this, but that's not the reason for this post.  Maybe I'll cover that stuff in December.

Because Moxie is doing so well and learning so fast, Twyla and I have decided to let Moxie have limited auto access to the front porch.  That means I need to install a "doggie" door.  Actually, Moxie is really responsible for creating the need and even picking the spot.  Her first night in her new home was rather stressful and she found a weakness in a screen panel next to the door on the deck side, so she pushed her way through so she could get to the inside door.  It took two nights of training to get her to understand she could not "bark" her way into the house.  She's had a couple of moments when she still yips a little bit to make sure that we are aware of her existence, but she just about has the understanding now that barking to get what she wants won't be tolerated.  Anyway, I've seldom seen a dog learn so fast.  She loves being able to run all over the yard, front and back as if she is free as a bird, and yet she never really leaves the yard beyond the street.

In that first photo, you can see Moxie standing there.  That square looking spot to the far right is where she pushed through the screen, and that is where I will be installing a wooden panel with a door for her.

So now it is Yom Rishon (Sunday) afternoon and I've done most of the chores today and even managed to install the panel and door, and even get two coats of primer on the wood.  As smart as she is, it will probably take about 5 minutes for Moxie to figure out how to use the door.

We have made major changes inside the house that will remain confidential until all of the friends and family have been here to seem them first hand.  Then pictures will be posted showing what we did.

In other news, one of the hens, "Pretty Face" according to Twyla, has become a brooding hen.  Don't know why, it's just a gift from Adonai.  But Twyla has posted about that on her blog, so you should go over there and read it.  Hopefully we will have our own farm raised chicken to eat in December.

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