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-- Robert A. Heinlein

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lil' Bit Too Sad

I could say that I'm a little bit too sad today, but that wouldn't really capture it.  I'm very sad.

All the rational and understanding that stuff happens, and that stuff happens for a reason don't do a whole lot to comfort me right now.
Lil' Bit visits with the chickens

This little creature jumped and pranced around in our house with a little diaper on and brought a lot of joy to us, even though we knew she would have to eventually stay out at the farm and become a full sized goat.

Lil' Bit and Casspurr in the office.

She was a runt, rejected by her mother.  Momma had twins and then her and momma didn't want three to deal with or whatever.  Problem is, one of her sisters died two days ago and there wasn't a mark on her.  That was the one that Twyla named Lily.  She has a special place in our garden now.

I guess I'm gonna have to get more used to losing an animal occasionally.  I dispatched a rooster not long ago because I was tired of fooling with him, and Brewster is not long for this world either.  But Lil' Bit was something special and I had such hopes.  I had bragged about how imprinted she was on me that I could just take her out of the barn and set her on the ground and she would follow me anywhere like a trained puppy.

The last time I took her home, I brought her with her other sister Rose, and nearly the whole ride, I had her sister on one side sucking on one ear lobe and Lil' Bit had jumped up from the bench seat to find my left ear lobe.  I was laughing the whole time with these two hungry goats that had to wait until I made it home because I didn't want them peeing inside my truck.

I suppose I will bury Lil' Bit just a couple of feet from where I just planted a new Gala apple tree.  

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  1. I will miss her so much. She was the best lil' goat in the world. I don't understand, either... why did she have to go? We never,ever know the answer to that question...


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