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"There is no worse tyranny than forcing a man to pay for what he does not want just because you think it would be good for him."
-- Robert A. Heinlein

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pretty Snowed In

If you are like me, it's interesting to see the surroundings of folks who live other places.

We live at the end of a road, tucked away in the mountains where you aren't likely to end up unless you are completely lost, or you have to find us.  We really like it here.
The big white lump of snow to the left is a cord of firewood.

Because of my broken rib, we had a truckload of firewood delivered.  I could tell enough from the data on the weather sites that their predictions of a good amount of snow was going to be pretty accurate.  We spent time preparing to have enough wood and kindling prepared and stocked so that we wouldn't have to be trekking outside to get any and would be snug and warm no matter what happened.

Chicken Ark I is snowed in.  The chickens don't want to leave their roosts. Moxie LOVES the snow.
Starting at about 09:00 the snow started coming down. The temperature on both outside sensors stayed right at 32° F. and even now at 15:00, one is at 34° and the other is at 33°.  There is at least six inches of snow on all the horizontal surfaces and it's still falling.
Ark II is no different.  They aren't even clucking. Brewster hasn't crowed once today.

I have to admit, this is the most snow I've seen since I was a little kid in West Virginia.  It is pretty.  And since I know we don't have to go out and drive in it, I can really enjoy it.

The only thing I'm a little sorry about is the fact that I have a broken rib, all of my muscles are sore, because, even though I can't swing an axe, I still got out there and helped offload and stack that wood.  I'm not that bad today, because my wonderful wife and nurse took good care of me through the night and helped me get into a position that let me sleep for more hours than I have in days.  The reason that makes me sorry is because now the conditions are right for sliding down the hill on some cardboard, but if I were to even remotely look like I was going to attempt that, I think I would wake up a few days from now with a Lodge Cast Iron logo imprinted on my skull somewhere.
Naw. I wouldn't really need that kind of demotivator.  I may be in the habit of getting the inevitable aches and pains of the regular hard work around the farm, but I'm not stupid enough to go looking for unnecessary pain.
How many people have a Swiss Chalet doll house to hold extra firewood?

Maybe we'll get another snow like this in a month or so, when I'm healed up enough to play like a little kid.  If it keeps snowing like this and the temperature continues to drop, we may get to hear a sound that is very unusual for this area. The incredibly loud "POW" of branches breaking off from the weight of snow.

If it ends up looking more spectacular than this tonight, I'll put up another post with pictures.

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