"Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority ... the Constitution was made to guard against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters." - Noah Webster

"There is no worse tyranny than forcing a man to pay for what he does not want just because you think it would be good for him."
-- Robert A. Heinlein

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Palin Derangement Syndrome

I think I've managed to stay away from talking about Sarah Palin fairly well, but it's not easy to avoid her when the press keeps her in the spotlight.  I think there are a few of us observers who find some chuckles in the irony that the media who would laugh derisively at anyone who would consider voting for the Wasilla Wonder, just can't stop chasing her around with a microphone and video camera, hoping she'll say something that will make her look like a stupid beauty queen and prove once and for all that her 80% approval rating in Alaska was nothing more than a complete fluke.

I'm posting my own comment below to someone who commented on Morgan Freeberg's blog: House of Eratosthenes.  "bpenni" as he calls him/herself quoted some typical left-wing "journalist" talking about how Sarah just can't win, and her approval ratings are so low.  Of course, we are only ever given the results of the polls, not the questions, how they selected the respondents, or anything that might make us suspicious of how the same media that is notoriously "in-the-tank" for the current occupant of the People's House, came to their conclusions.

My comment is on the post "Stockholm Syndrome".

Yes, bpenni, that’s right. We enlightened types in the press, (especially the press, since that’s where the truly enlightened media types go to share our wisdom with the unwashed masses without ever having to interact with them) will tell you who is simply unacceptable to run as a conservative for election.
Don’t you pay any attention to the fact that McCain was dead in the water until he asked Palin to join his ticket. Forget that the politically savvy people who actually look at things like records were finally energized when Palin, with an “eye-popping” popularity among real constituents who experienced her success in Alaska, were thinking, “Maybe we’ll get lucky and McCain will die his first year in office.” Okay, sorry, maybe only a tiny, tiny group of people thought that.  I'm sure that McCain’s a nice enough guy, he just has some serious problems with keeping his oath to support and defend the Constitution.  He has a really hard time understanding what the purpose of the First Amendment is all about, or the value of protecting U.S. borders.
Forget that Palin can draw a crowd of all kinds of people, and turns out to be right when the idiot lefties merely think she’s wrong.  (Party like it's 1773)   They can't help it if they led people to believe that she said things that she never did.  ( "I can see Russia from my house."  "I didn't know Africa was a continent.")
In reality, the lefties are scared to death that Palin is going to pull her own unique version of what Ronald Reagan did in 1980.  Earning the nomination in the GOP and wresting it away from the establishment hacks.  They are afraid that she will get  enough of the real conservatives and the common folk will see through the smear tactics of the Krauthammers and the Roves and all the other “loyal opposition” RINOs and decide they want Palin in spite of the propaganda.
I have a very, very simple way to know if I’m going in the right (correct) direction in politics. If the lefties are practically screaming that I shouldn’t move in a particular direction, then it must be a good, or at least safe, direction. If they are complimenting me on moving in a level-headed, intelligent, non-partisan, non-controversial direction, then I must be walking into quicksand or an ambush.
Of course, they won’t over play their hand. They’ll gently talk about Romney or Pawlenty or someone who is stereotypical white, male, reasonably handsome, talks in a debate like he’s doing show-and-tell at an elementary school, and they’ll deride his “conservative” views just enough to convince people who only pay attention to broadcast sound bytes long enough to form the erroneous opinion that he’s a real conservative and not just a political hack.
They won’t ask HIM the same questions that they ask Sarah until after the nomination process has insured that he is going to be the next RINO that they have chosen to lose to their anointed one, BHO.
There are still enough of the top echelons of the leftist fourth estate who remember Ronald Reagan. Now with Ahnold, and Jesse Ventura in the history books, they know that there are enough crazy people out there in fly over country who might just be willing to ignore their anointed wisdom from the hallowed halls of the Old Media. By God, they are not going to let that happen again. We are going to crush this Palin, even if it takes flying monkeys.
But it’s all good. I have a secondary fantasy, since I had the pleasure of listening to Herman Cain when he filled in for Neal Boortz and when he had his own talk radio show for over a year or two in Atlanta. I would love for Sarah to keep driving the press nuts with this tour and then, if she decides she isn’t going to run, endorse Herman Cain. I’m kind of salivating at the idea of how the media is going to blow a gasket over the race issue.
You stick to your guns, bpenni. The media is counting on folks like you to help them get a GOP nominee like McCain again. I’m not going to sweat it. I’ve made my plans. I’m ready for whichever direction this next election takes us.


  1. Hey,

    Just to clarify, "bpenni" is MSgt Buck Pennington, USAF Ret. He's actually one of the people I had in mind making that post; rightward-leaning, sensible libertarian with all the values in the right place, or at least most of 'em. Yeah he whines a lot about "War on Drugs" but so do a lot of registered Republicans...in fact I think I recall mentioning he is registered GOP. I think he's in the crowd that moved rightward after 9/11/01 and never looked back...

    I don't understand his antipathy against Palin. You've just seen his thoughts in their most coherent form -- always some citation of what some other third-party thinks. Can't get him to name a single bad Palin policy proposal. Just anecdotes about some blurb she muttered that sounded stupid, to somebody.

    But anyway, he's a good guy and hasn't got a rabid-lefty bone in his body. Or, if he does, he hides it well enough to fool me.

  2. Thanks Morgan. I'm a little slow updating comments.

    I think it has something to do with Air Force types. Had three family members in. One of my best friends from HS became the XO for the Thunderbirds. They are a weird bunch. I'm a Navy guy.

  3. They are a weird bunch. I'm a Navy guy.

    O, the irony.

  4. Ahh. A "drive-by" comment that only he understands. How nice.


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